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A few words about us

APEX SUSPENSION PVT LTD. An ISO 9001:2015 AND IATF 16949:2016 certified company was Incorporated in year 2010 along with the superlative infrastructure, Advance manufacturing facility, well advance testing lab with well experienced skilled and hard working team.

APEX SUSPENSION PVT LTD. Manufacture wide range of spring leaves, U Bolts, Pins, jack rod, and chassis parts for light, medium, heavy commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment.

APEX SUSPENSION PVT LTD product are well tested , popular highly accepted and in continues demand in replacement market of Gujarat and other states of India due to premium quality of raw material with high tensile strength , accurate dimension and tolerance capacity

APEX SUSPENSION PVT LTD is committed for zero defects in quality and distribution of its products with β€˜β€™on time β€˜β€™ delivery performance and competitive rates as means to achieve high degree of customers satisfaction.

quality steel Manufacture

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Providing Reliable Steel Fabrication

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Our General Business principles

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To provide all chassis parts under one roof.


To provide all commerial vehicle parts under one roof.